Sustainability & Trade Events


February 1 / Wednesday
Times - Location Program

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Seminar Room – Second Floor Metropolitan Pavillion 

Free Entrance

“Building More Sustainable Supply Chains: Leveraging Collaboration to Fight Deforestation”
Tapestry - UNIC Italian Tanneries – WWF World Wildlife Fund

In this panel, Tapestry, UNIC and World Wildlife Fund – WWF will discuss opportunities to combat deforestation through industry collaboration. The session will include details about agriculture-driven deforestation, challenges to achieving traceability in beef and leather value chains, and opportunities for suppliers and brands to work together toward more responsible supply chains.



David Wright - Tapestry

David Wright comes from a long lineage of leather makers and has been in the industry himself for over three decades, first trained as a leather chemist and then working in tanneries around the world. David joined Coach 12 years ago as the Director of Leather Development and currently serves as Tapestry’s Vice President of Footwear.  In the early 2000s, he helped with the founding of the Leather Working Group and currently serves on the Technical Subgroup of LWG. At Tapestry, David is active in a variety of important sustainability initiatives, particularly in traceability and environmental stewardship around leather

Luca Boltri - UNIC Italian Tanneries
Luca Boltri is Vice-Director of UNIC Italian Tanneries, the representative body of the Italian tanning industry, which covers over 60% of the European sector in terms of leather production, turnover and companies.
He has responsibilities in most of the fields in which the organisation provides services, including economic intelligence, international projects & relationships, social dialogue, sustainability, legal affairs, industrial policy, promotion and business support. Luca started to work for UNIC in 2000 for the Economic Department of the association. He holds a master’s degree in business and Law Administration at Bocconi University (Milan) and he previoulsy worked for the Italian Trade Agency ICE and for the World Bank.


Fernando Bellese – WWF World Wildlife Fund
Fernando Bellese is a Marketing and Sustainability professional with over 20 years of experience. With a Master’s in Tourism, Environment and Social Development from King’s College London, and an MBA from the Federal University of Uberlandia, Fernando has spent the last 12 years engaged in important sustainability discussions and initiatives in the fashion, automotive, leather and beef sectors. First as a Marketing and Sustainability Manager for JBS S/A and later as Chief Sustainability Officer for PrimeAsia Leather Corporation, he worked in projects to develop Cleaner Production approaches and more transparent supply chains looking at creating more efficient and sustainable outcomes. He has actively participated in different national and international initiatives and organizations such as Leather Working Group, the Brazilian Roundtable of Sustainable Livestock, ZDHC, UNECE and Leather Naturally, contributing to important discussions involving the worldwide leather and beef industries, in topics such as innovation, supply chain engagement, traceability, carbon footprint, environment, transparency, animal welfare and responsible chemical management. Fernando Bellese is Senior Director, Beef and Leather Supply Chains, Markets, for WWF US.

February 2 / Thursday
Times - Location Program

10:00 am - 10:45 am

Seminar Room – Second Floor Metropolitan Pavillion 

Free Entrance

"Protecting the Brand of Leather: Messaging and Misinformation”
L&HCA Leather & Hide Council of America

L&HCA will present on the critical need for the leather industry to build passion with consumers about leather and its sustainable credentials and develop the underlying research to support industry advocacy.  


Kevin Latner - L&HCA Leather & Hide Council of America
Kevin Latner, Vice President of L&HCA, provides innovation and implementation for sustainability and consumer marketing.  He has been working in food and agricultural for 30 years, including more than 15 years with the US Department of Agriculture and 10 plus years with the US industry, including the US Grains Council and Cotton Council International.